Recharge 250ml au macérât de Calendula biologique

Refill with organic calendula infused oil, 500ml

Liniment is a traditional recipe from the south of France, used for cleaning babies, especially during nappy change. 

Liniment with macertaion of calendula has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Ideal for infants and babies during teething. 

Liniment for babies' bottoms: say goodbye to redness and look forward to some peace of mind.

Recommended by midwives.

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Liniment is a natural product based on limewater (calcium hydroxide) and maceration of calendula.

The liniment is wonderful for cleaning babies' bottoms and replaces baby cleansing lotion and other wet wipes. The product is guaranteed 100% natural.

It's easy to use: just put a little of the mixture on a cotton pad or a washable cloth. It is not necessary to rinse because its texture leaves an oily film that protects baby's bottom from friction and the moisture from nappies.

In addition, Love me Doux liniment does not have chemically corrected pH, unlike the majority of liniments on the market. Which means its slightly basic pH will counteract the acidity of baby's urine. 

This liniment is made with maceration of calendula.

The calendula or garden marigold, with its beautiful orange flower, gets its French name "souci" from the Latin verb "solsequier", which means, "who follows the sun", because its flowers open as the sun rises and close as it sets.

The medicinal virtues of calendula were already well known in the Middle Ages, when St. Hildegard and Albertus Magnus prescribed it against insect and snake bites.

Today, calendula is widely used in hygiene and baby care products for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties (for skin irritations, burns...). * 


Other recommended uses: 

Some mothers use it as a make-up remover, to remove traces of hair removing wax or plasters, as a nourishing cream, etc...

It can also be used for milk crust or to clean the faces of older children.

Looking for a more traditional liniment? Olive oil liniment is it.

Ingredients: maceration of organic calendula (marigold flowers macerated in sunflower oil), limewater, beeswax


Size: 500 ml refill, resealable

Made in France, as close as possible to its raw materials. Dermatologically tested and formula validated by toxicologists.

*: These properties and indications are taken from leading websites about aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and herbal medicine. They are found regularly and are confirmed by observations in a scientific environment for many. However, this data is given for information purposes only, it does not in any way constitute medical information, nor engage our responsibility.


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500 ml
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empty aluminium bottle 250ml

This 250ml brushed look aluminium bottle, with 24mm neck is EPE lined, prividing protection for the inner product whilst ensuring the product within does not come in to direct contact with the aluminium.    without pump

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