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Coffret découverte liniment

Coffret découverte liniment

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Un coffret composé d'un flacon 250ml aluminium de liniment oléo-calcaire à l'huile d'olive, d'un flacon 100ml aluminium de liniment oléo-calcaire au macérât de Calendula et d'une lingette ImseVimse. Le tout proposé dans un joli coffret en carton et accompagné d'une carte personalisable pour une naissance. 

Double-ended hair mascara...

Double-ended hair mascara Pink and Violet

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A hair mascara that is as easy to apply as it is to remove!
To quickly apply makeup right down to the tips of their hair, children can easily handle the mascara brush or get help from an adult. One color and then the other, they have the pleasure of leaving traces in their hair... Parents can be reassured, a shampoo is enough for the hair to return to its original color and the children leave their imaginary country, but only to better return and imagine a new story.