Flacon P.E de 250ml à l'huile d'olive biologique

Love me doux Liniment, 100ml P.E bottle with organic olive oil

Plastic bottle of Love me Doux liniment with organic olive oil 100 ml (refillable) with service cap

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Liniment is a natural product based on limewater (calcium hydroxide) and olive oil (traditional recipe).

Liniment is wonderful for cleaning babies' bottoms and replaces baby cleansing lotion and other wet wipes. The product is guaranteed 100% natural.

It's easy to use: just put a little of the mixture on a cotton pad or a washable cloth. It is not necessary to rinse because its texture leaves an oily film that protects baby's bottom from friction and the moisture from nappies.

In addition, Love me Doux liniment does not have chemically corrected pH, unlike the majority of liniments on the market. Which means its slightly basic pH will counteract the acidity of baby's urine. 

Other recommended uses: 
Some mothers use it as a make-up remover, to remove traces of hair removing wax or plasters, as a nourishing cream, etc...
It can also be used for milk crust or to clean the faces of older children.

Are you looking for a more soothing and anti-inflammatory liniment? Try Calendula liniment (with maceration of marigold flowers)

Ingredients: organic olive oil, limewater, beeswax

Size: 100 ml refillable plastic bottle with flip top lid. Can be adapted to a pump. 

Made in France, as close as possible to its raw materials. Dermatologically tested and formula validated by toxicologists.

Oil type
Country of manufacture
Bottle material
Plastique (P.E)
100 ml
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